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Every year more than a million visitors come here to a area in Kronoberg and Kalmar counties in Småland that includes the municipalities of Emmaboda, Lessebo, Nybro and Uppvidinge. Many return time after time. It is easy to understand why. To watch red-hot molten glass being transformed into delicate crystal or sturdy bowls is a spectacle that one never tires of. Here you will find well-known glassworks and brands such as Orrefors, Kosta Boda, Skruf, Mats Jonasson Målerås to name a few. In additon, you can enjoy the nature of Småland in its prime with its forests, lakes, stone walls and many cultural sights. These include Vilhelm Moberg’s emigrant district.


Population Emmaboda municipality:
approx. 9,200
Lessebo municipality:
approx. 8,200
Nybro municipality:
approx. 19,500
Uppvidinge municipality:
approx. 9,300
Currency Swedish kronor
1 SEK = 100 öre
Opening hours The glassworks are open every day all year round except for certain holidays. Glassblowing occurs primarily on weekdays. At Kosta, however, blowing also occurs on weekends.
Website www.glasriket.se
Newspapers Smålandsposten
Östra Nyheterna
Emergency numbers 112
Tourist information AB Glasriket
Tel: +46(0)481-45215