The Azores - Shopping

In the Azores you can find a variety of souvenirs, such as: Ceramic items - including hand-painted clay dishes, vases, teapots, and mugs, available at Azores Store located at “Galerias Portas do Mar” in Ponta Delgada – São Miguel Island, among other shops and islands. Other souvenirs available in every gift shop in the Azores are: Embroidery and lace Hand-woven items including blankets, sweaters, and bedspreads Wickerwork including baskets and furniture.

You can buy pineapples at the airports in all islands, at the supermarket or if visiting the greenhouses, in S. Miguel Island. Here you can visit the greenhouses at see the various stages of the pineapples and also buy a various range of products related with pineapples.

In the Azores, we also produce tea is also grown in the Azores. You can buy it at every supermarket or if you want a one of a kind experience, we recommend that you visit the Gorreana Factory situated at Rua Gorreana de Cima – Maia – São Miguel Island. Here you can do a tour in the factory and taste the different kinds of teas. The best shopping place in the Azores, if you want to find almost all of the souvenirs mentioned above, is the modern Parque Atlantico mall in Ponta Delgada, in São Miguel Island. There are 104 stores, and a giant supermarket which sells traditional jams and Azorean honey.Azorean wine is very good.

One of the places where you can visit and try some wines is at Adega “A Buraca”, situated in Estrada Regional, 35 - Santo António – Pico Island.