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Have you ever had occasion to fall in love with a city? If not, Poznan will take your heart with its unique treasures, which stand dreamily watching their own reflections in the fast flowing Warta River. Here, history and tradition interweave with modernity offering you everything from bustling tourist attractions to idyllic hideaways. The city is perfect for romantic getaways. Even if you walk the cobbled streets alone, you will be swept away by the magic that has given Poznan a reputation for being Poland’s most popular small-big city.


Population 600,000
Currency Polish Zloty (PLN) 1 = 100 groszy
Opening hours Shops are generally open Mon-Fri 10am-6pm and Sat 10am-3pm. Supermarkets and shopping malls may stay open as late as 10pm. Businesses open on Sundays at their own discretion.
Newspapers Glos Wielkopolski
Gazeta Poznanska
Emergency numbers Emergency Number: 112
Ambulance: 999
Fire Brigade: 998
Police: 997
Tourist information City Information Centre (CIM)
ul. Ratajczaka 44, Poznan
Open Mon-Fri 10am-7pm and Sat 10am-5pm
+48 618 519 645