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Lodz is known for its cultural attractions and art galleries, art galleries like the Modern Art Museum which houses one of the best collections of contemporary art works in Poland. You will also find plenty of museums displaying the city's rich heritage and history like Historical Museum of Lodz and Museum of Ethnography And Archaeology.

Lodz Modern Art Museum

Lodz Modern Art Museum boasts a large and impressive collection of art from 20th-century. The museum is sited in a 19th century palace and is now one of Poland’s best art and design museums, featuring works by Chagall and Mondrian.

Addressul. Wieckowskiego 36, Lodz
Phone+48 42 633 97 90

Historical Museum of Lodz

You will find the museum inside the gorgeous Belle Époque palace. Here you can learn more about the city’s captivating political and social history. There are also many fine examples of silverware and porcelain too and a room dedicated to famous citizens, like pianist Artur Rubinstein and the Polish writer Jerzy Kosinski.

Addressul. Ogrodowa 15, Lodz
Phone+48 42 654 03 23 / 42 254 90 15
More Infomuzeum@muzeum-lodz.pl.

Museum of Cinematography

The museum is housed in the mid-nineteenth century small palace. Here you can explore Poland’s thriving film industry, which has created cinema greats like Polanski, Kieslowski and Wajda.

Addressplac Zwyciestwa 1, Lodz
Phone+48 42 674 09 57
More Infomuzeum@kinomuzeum.pl

Jewish Cemetery

This is a moving visit to the largest Jewish cemetery in Europe, with over 150,000 gravestones, tombs and mausoleums and an area memorialising victims of the ghetto.

Addressul. Bracka 40, Lodz
Phone+48 42 656 70 19
Public TransportTake Tram 1 or 6
More Infofundacja@lodzjews.org

Central Textile Museum

Central Textile Museum was established 1960 and is housed in the amazing 19th-century "White Factory". They have a unique collection of textile tools and machinery, fabrics and clothing and the largest collection of tapestries in Europe.

Addressul. Piotrkowska 282, Lodz
Phone+48 42 683 26 84
More Infodzial.oswiaty@muzeumwlokiennictwa.pl

Museum of Ethnography and Archaeology

You will find this place close to the Historical Museum of Lodz and located on the Plac Wolnosci. This charming museum offer archaeological finds from all around Poland as well as more modern exhibits on customs and local culture.

AddressPl. Wolności 14, Lodz
Phone+48 42 632 84 40

Leopold Kindermann Villa

Exquisite early 1900’s Art Nouveau palace – the most ornate in Poland – with stained-glass windows, gorgeous wood detailing and glamorous chandeliers. A small art gallery is inside.

Addressul. Wolczanska 31/33, Lodz
Phone+49 42 632 24 16

Lagiewniki Park

Lagiewniki Park is Europe's largest park or forest located in the northern part of the city. Come here and enjoy the fresh air over a relaxing walk or a picnic.


Shooting Range Academy

Shooting Range Academy offers you a great chance of trying out how to shoot. Choose between sharp weapons, rifles, machine guns and smoothbore shotguns. Come here as a group or individuals, either way you will be met by experienced instructors.

AddressParzęczew, Lodz
Phone+48 602 221 507

Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden in Lodz is located approximately 10 min from the city centre. The garden is divided into nine different thematic areas for you to explore. For example, take the chance and see and smell different exotic plants.

Addressul. Krzemieniecka 36/38, Lodz
Phone+48 42 688 44 20

Opera House

The Opera House is housed in an old communist building and a great place to enjoy a cultural evening. The tickets are usually not that expensive and the theatre is worth a visit.

AddressPlac Dąbrowskiego, Lodz
Phone+48 42 633 99 60
More Infoteatr@teatr-wielki.lodz.pl

Saint Alexander Newsky Cathedral

Saint Alexander Newsky Cathedral was completed during the time period when Poland was under the Russian empire in 1884. During your visit here you will take part of different historic incidents which will make you understand the city´s history.

Addressul. Kilinskiego 56, Lodz

Lodz Zoo

A zoo is always exciting for the young ones and even if you are a bit older. Visit the Lodz Zoo and check out different animals, find out more about their breed and where they come from.

Addressul.Konstantynowska 8/10, Lodz
Phone+48 42 632 75 09

Księży Młyn

Księży Młyn is beautiful a historic district in Lodz. It is recommended to catch up a bit on the history before visiting the district as it will give you a better comprehension of the place. The architecture here is simply amazing.

Addressul. Tymienieckiego, Lodz

Plac Wolności

Plac Wolności is the Freedom Square in Lodz, located at the end of the famous street ulica Piotrkowska. There is a roundabout in the middle with a statue of the freedom fighter Tadeusz Kosciuszko. You will also find an interesting museum of Lodz sewer system on one side of the statue.

Addressul. Legionow / ul. Nowomiejska, Lodz