Venice - Shopping

If you are after high fashion shops they are located at Via XXII Marzo and neighbouring streets. Via XXII Marzo stretches from San Mark Square towards Academia and here you will find brands like Prada, Valentino, Etro, Chanel and Gucci. There are also several banks and currency exchange offices in this area. Browse Venice’s boutiques and take in the atmosphere of the city.


The Codognato family is known for their macabre skull rings and snake necklaces. Their jewellery has been a Venetian landmark for more than a century and the shop has not been moved since it opened in 1866 by Simeone Codognato.

AddressCalle Ascensione 1295, San Marco, Venice
Phone+39 041 522 5042

Drogheria Mascari

Drogheria Mascari, is a traditional spice trader. In the old days they used to jostle along Calle degli Spezieri, but today only Drogheria Mascari remains. This family owned food speciality store offers spices, tea, balsamic vinegar and other delicacies.

AddressSestiere San Polo 381, Venice
Phone+39 041 522 9762

Rialto Fish Market

This fish and vegetable market has been around since the year 1097, and there is a frantic activity here, especially early in the mornings. The fishmongers, the bustling scenes, the old façades and the canal combine for an experience by all senses. The city’s best butcher shops are also nearby.

AddressRialto, Venice
More InfoClose to the Rialto Bridge

Libreria Acqua Alta di Frizzo Luigi

Even if you aren't in need of a book this unique book store is well worth a visit. Thousands of books lies helter-skelter in the small shop and some of them lies in gondolas if there would be a flooding. Do not be afraid if you see a cat prowling, it is most likely one of the owner's.

AddressSestiere Castello, 5176/B, Venice
Phone+39 041 296 0841

Prosciutto e Parmigiano

Italy is known for its good food made from local products of high quality. At Prosciutto e Parmigiano you will find a wide selection of these high quality products. This is a perfect stop if you plan to have a picnic or if you want to buy some edible souvenirs.

AddressCastello 5793/A Calle del Mondo Novo, Venice
Phone+39 338 3120 284

Louis Vuitton

The world famous French brand has its own store at St Mark's Square. In the exclusive boutique, you find the latest fashion and clothes and accessories with the famous LV monogram.

AddressSan Marco, 1345, Venice
Phone+39 800 308 980


Gucci is another world famous brand that you will find on St Mark's square. This Florence-based brand has over a hundred boutiques spread all over the world and here you find luxurious and elegant clothes, shoes and accessories for both men and women.

AddressPiazza San Marco, Venice
Phone+39 041 522 9119


At the small but elegant glass shop ElleElle you can revel in colourful and uniquely designed glasses, vases and other types of glass products. All of them are original pieces directly from the glass factory Mason Muretti, a Venezian company.

AddressFondamenta Manin 52, Venice
Phone+390 41 527 48 66

Gianni Basso Stampatore

If you are planning a party or a wedding and want to impress your guests with stunning invitations make a visit at Gianni Basso Stampatore. Business cards, menus, invitations and other types of letterpress products are made here with hand-carved wood printing blocks and antique techniques.

Address5306 Cannaregio, Venice
Phone+39 041 523 4681

Cipolato Sigifredo

With all boats and canals in the city, the thought of pirates are not far away. Master jeweller Sigfrido creates rings, necklaces and other types of pieces of jewellery with details like skulls and colourful stones.

Address5336 Castello, Venice
Phone+39 041 522 8437

Gilberto Penzo

If you have fallen in love with the typical Venetian boats, the gondolas, head to Gilberto Penzo and buy one to take home with you. The actual size might be too big to bring in your luggage but here you find beautifully made miniatures and if you wish to build one by yourself you can also buy a kit.

AddressCalle 2 dei Saoneri 2681, Venice
Phone+390 41 71 93 72

Banco Lotto 10

When you shop at Banco Lotto 10, you support a retraining program at the women’s prison on Giudecca. The clothes and accessories you find here, are all hand-made by inmates, and volunteers are working in the boutique.

AddressSalizada da Sant’Antonin 3478a, Venice
Phone+390 41 522 14 39

Marina e Susanna Sent

In Murano you can visit the Sent sisters' sleek and modern gallery showcasing their chic glass jewellery. Every piece is unique and here you will find lovely gifts. They also have two shops in Dorsoduro and San Marco.

AddressFondamenta Serenella, Venice
Phone+39 041 527 4662

Giuliana Longo

In this small boutique you find all kinds of hats of the highest quality. If you feel that you need a gondolier's hat in your wardrobe you will find it here together with woolly hats, hats for the carnival, wedding hats and original Panama hats directly imported from Ecuador.

AddressCalle del Lovo 4813, Venice
Phone+39 041 522 6454

Ottica Vascellari

The Vascellari family has worked as opticians for several generations and the shop on Ruga Rialto has been around since 1964. They design their own eyewear brand and have an eye to find the perfect pair of glasses for every customer's face shape and personal style.

AddressRuga Rialto 1030, San Polo, Venice
Phone+39 041 522 9388

Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana is one of the most famous Italian brands and you find their shop together with other luxurious brands at St Mark's Square. Their collections and designs are stylish and elegant but always with the latest trends in mind. Here you find their latest collections for both men, women and children.

AddressSan Marco 223, 30124, Venice
Phone+39 041 52 09 991

Barbieri Arabesque

In need for fashionable accessories? Make a visit at the elegant shop Barbieri Arabesque. Scarves, shawls, bags, ties and belts made of leather, cashmere and silk of highest quality are beautifully displayed here and you can botanise in labels like Moschino, Pollini and Iceberg. You also find non-branded products but with the same high quality.

AddressCalle della Madonna, 3403, Venice
Phone+39 041 522 8177

Mercatino dei Miracoli

This flea market in the Campo Santa Maria Nova dei Miracoli and its surrounding area, is held about ten days a year, by decision of the municipality of Venice. This is a place for bargains and you will find everything from antiques, comics and books.

AddressCannaregio, Campo Santa Maria Nova, 30121, Venice
More InfoCheck website for exact dates

Outlet Noventa

This outlet is located about 40 km from Venice but if you want to buy the luxurious designer labels to reduced prices the journey will be well worth it. Brands like Costume National, Salvatore Ferragamo, Burberry, Fendi, Versace and many, many more are all represented here and if you love shopping you can easily spend several hours here.

AddressVia Marco Polo 1, 30020, Noventa di Piave
Phone+39 0421 57 41
More InfoThere is a daily shuttle service from Piazzale Tronchetto in Venice to Outlet Noventa


At Arnoldo e Battois you will find uniquely designed bags and clothes, influenced by architectural elements. Silvano Arnoldo and Massimiliano Battois, two Venetian designers, started the brand in 2001 and it has won several awards, both national and international.

AddressCalle dei Fuseri, 4217, Venice
Phone+39 041 528 5944