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Gerlóczy Café

Gerlóczy Kávéház, as it is known in Hungarian, is a charming café with a large and pleasant terrace area, in a distinctive wedge-shaped area formed by the intersection of Gerlóczy and Vitkovics streets in Budapest's 5th district. It is just far enough (3 blocks) from Váci utca to be saved from complete tourist inundation, though it is very popular with locals in the busy banking and administration area of the 5th district. The statue in front of the café is that of Károly Kammermayer, the first mayor of the Budapest, combined from Buda, Pest and Obuda in 1873.
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Tanti Restaurant

This modern simply-decorated reataurant has only been in operation since September 2014, but has already won international acclaim in an incredibly short amout of time, landing a Michelin star (only the fourth to do so in Budapest) (though to be fair Chef István Pesti has done the rounds, and worked at numerous big-name restaurants around town before opening this masterpiece of simplicity. Tanti is named after a dear aunt, and like a fussy aunt, is quite strict about mealtimes. Dinner is served from 6pm until midnight, though lunch is also offered from noon until 3pm.
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