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Bratislava - the little big city. With fewer than half a million people, Bratislava ranks among Europe's most relaxed capitals, because everything is in close vicinity, reachable within a few minutes walking distance. It even has two capital cities nearby - Vienna (80km) and Budapest (200km) - reachable also by a boat on the river Danube. The city itself has its old-town charm, sophisticated restaurants, traditional pubs, good music ranging from jazz to opera, stylish people, and a human scale which means that as a visitor you will not spend half your day trekking in and out of underground stations or getting from the airport into town. All this with Central Europe's greatest river as a backdrop.
Bloomington, Minnesota

Bloomington Foodie

Bloomington, MN showcases four restaurants in Bloomington, MN. Also, showcased is Summit Brewery in St. Paul, MN. These restaurants show how their food comes from Minnesota. The showcased Bloomington, MN restaurants are Firelake Grill in Radisson Blu Mall of America, Twin City Grill in Mall of America, Parma 8200 in Bloomington, David Fongs in Bloomington.

Miami, Florida

Everything in Miami oozes glamour, elegance and a cosmopolitan attitude. Beaming Miami is nestled on the Atlantic coast of Florida’s most southern tip, rendering it sunny and pleasantly warm all year round. To call this city international is an understatement of criminal proportions. It is a North American core with a twist of the Caribbean, a healthy dose of Latin America, a dash of Africa, a touch of Asia and a hint of Europe. All of these elements combined give Miami a vibrant, exhilarating cultural life. Miami boasts picturesque beaches, exceptional nightlife, plentiful shopping, and delicious dining options. Although there is an abundance of things to do in the city and on the beach, visitors should not pass up the chance to take one-day excursions to see some of the breath-taking natural surroundings of the city.
Jönköping, Sweden

Welcome to Jönköping!

Welcome to Jönköping!

Höga Kusten

Experience the dramatic nature in The High Coast, a World Heritage with a wonderful scenery due to land uplift. Cultural life in the High Coast is rich and in the summer you can visit events like Skule Festival, Urkult and city celebrations. Here you can hike, kayak, climb, or take a ride on a horseback. It is no coincidence that more and more people visit Höga Kusten, the High Coast. For the nature and tranquillity. For the culture and the people. For activities and adventures. Härnösand, Kramfors, Örnsköldsvik and Sollefteå wish you a warm welcome to Höga Kusten, the High Coast.
Salzburg, Austria

Yoga in Salzburg

Yoga in Salzburg


Szczecin is an energetic city where the River Odra eventually flows into the Baltic Sea. Today it is the capital of a new province, Western Pomeranian, which has suffered a turbulent history and now looks to an enlightened and cultural revival. A focal point is that it has managed to preserve its unique character and charm since its recent reform. Szczecin is now awakening to its full potential at an ever increasing pace. You will really feel inspired as you explore this enthralling city.

Landskrona / Ven

Landskrona is a town in southern Sweden with around 40,000 residents, close to Malmö and Copenhagen. It’s easy to get here by car, train or air; Copenhagen Airport is only about 50 miles away. Landskrona has lots of green space, with several parks and the oldest area of allotments in Sweden. Right next to the allotments is the Citadel, one of the best-preserved 16th century fortresses in the Nordic countries. We also recommend a trip to the island of Ven, which is a great place to experience the natural world.
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