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Moscow is the city of contrasts, mixing the simple Bohemian and the glittering glamorous! Do not be surprised to find a church dating from the 16th century covered in gold next to a glass building from the 1990’s. Here, salty caviar is washed down with sweet “shampanskoye”. What represents this spirit better than Moscow’s underground railway? For a few roubles you can travel between stations decorated with chandeliers and marble.


Population 11,514,330
Currency Russian ruble (RBL) 1 ruble = 100 kopeks
Opening hours Most shops are open from 9/11am-7pm on weekdays. Banks are open from 10am-5pm. Some offices are closed an hour for lunch. Many museums are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.
Newspapers The Moscow Times
The Moscow Tribune
Emergency numbers Emergency: 01
Police: 02
Ambulance: 03
Moscow Tourist Helpline: +7 800 220 00 02 (English)
Tourist information Moscow Tourist Information Centre
Gostiny Dvor, 4 Ilyinka, Moscow
+7 095 232 5657

Information can also be found at travel agents and upscale hotels.