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Whether you are planning a vacation, a special weekend or a business meeting, rest assured, you will find a place that appeals to you. Bucharest offers a wide range of accommodation to suit all needs, a diverse collection of modern hotels, guest houses and hostels.

Athénée Palace Hilton

The Athénée is Bucharest’s most dazzling hotel and attracts glamorous and stylish guests to its plushly designed rooms.

AddressStr Episcopiei 1-3, Bucharest
Phone+40 21 303 3777

J W Marriott

Rivaling the Athénée in the competition for Bucharest’s most glitzy hotel, J W Marriott is not far from. The Marriott lives up to its international reputation.

AddressCalea 13 Septembrie 90, Bucharest
Phone+40 21 403 0000

Hotel Opera

This hotel has recently given a complete makeover and the Opera is now a Bucharest favourite. Its central location, comfortable rooms and excellent service make it a great mid-range choice.

Addresstr. Brezoianu nr. 37, Sector 1, Bucharest
Phone+40 21 312 4857

Hotel Carpaţi

Hotel Carpati is popular with bargain hunters, you are advised to book early at the Carpati. All needs and pockets are catered for with a choice of six types of rooms.

AddressStrada Matei Millo 16, Bucharest
Phone+40 21 315 0140

Hotel Capitol

This building was built in 1901, and, in the past, sheltered a famous café which was a favourite meeting place for many writers, musicians and artists. The hotel is situated in a busy and noisy area, but the comfortable and indulgently large beds will guarantee a restful night's sleep.

AddressCalea Victoriei 29, Bucharest
Phone+40 21 315 8030

Nelisse Hotel

Situated only 10 minutes away from the city centre, this friendly little hotel offers a good selection of price-worthy rooms.

AddressPopa Lazar Street 12, Bucharest
Phone+40 21 252 1905