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Bari has many different cultural sites to offer for the tourist, such as the Cattedrale Di San Sabino, Basilica Di San Nicola and Castel Del Monte. If you want you can just enjoy a walk in the beautiful Orto Botanico or discover the Grotte Di Castellana - the caves of Castellana.

Miragica (Molfetta, Bari) Theme Park

The place to have fun in Bari! Miragica is Puglia’s theme park 15’ from Bari Palese Airport. 23 attractions (roller coasters, water attractions, 4D cinema, free-fall towers, children´s playground, etc.), a “magic” live show, “White Nights” and events every weekend.

AddressVia dei Portuali, Molfetta, Bari
Phone+39 071 3371711
Opening hoursApril – November h. 10-18 (10-22 in the summer, 10-02 Saturdays “white nights”)
Tickets€20 / €15 kids & reduced. 2 days at the park + hotel**** €35
Commercial partner

La Città Vecchia (The Old City)

The extraordinary Old City largely consists of narrow and winding streets. You will find all the important medieval monuments, such as the Swabian castle and many churches, including the Cathedral of San Sabino and the Basilica of San Nicola.

AddressLa Città Vecchia, Bari

Il Castello Svevo (The Norman Swabian Castle)

This building was originated by Roger II (1139), and destroyed at least twice by the people of Bari, in protest again the tyranny of the Normans. Frederick II rebuilt it, almost completely, between 1233 and 1240.

AddressPiazza Federico II di Svevia, 2, Bari

Basilica Di San Nicola

This basilica was constructed between 1087 and 1197, and has always held the remains of San Nicola (who is also known as Santa Klaus). It is both a Catholic and an Orthodox church, and partly for this reason, it is a place of annual pilgrimage for many people from all over the world.

AddressCorso Cavour, 53, Bari
Phone+39 080 5737 111

Cattedrale Di San Sabino

This building was originally built in Byzantine style in 1062. Thereafter it was rebuilt in Romanesque form, in 1170, after the destruction at the hands of William the Evil in 1156.

AddressPiazza Odegitria, Bari
Phone+39 080 521 0605

Castel Del Monte

70 kilometres from the centre of Bari, this unique medieval manor house stands on top of a hill in the Apulian Murgia, 540 metres above sea level and 18 kilometres from Andria. It was probably built as a hunting residence by Frederick II between 1229 and 1249 and is today a national monument.

Grotte Di Castellana (Caves of Castellana)

This series of grottoes (40 kilometres southeast of Bari) are the biggest ones in Italy. They are 3 kilometres long and 71 meters deep, and include long underground passages and deep caves covered with hundreds of stalactites and stalagmites formed over thousands of years by water erosion of the calcareous rock.

AddressPiazzale Anelli, Bari
Phone+39 0532 5440 724


Alberobello is located 60 kilometres away from the centre of Bari. This is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque towns in the world, as it consists entirely of tiny trulli houses.

Address10, Piazza Sacramento, Alberobello
Phone+39 080 432 6030

Orto Botanico (Botanical Gardens)

Take a walk in the beautiful Botanical Gardens which is a living museum operated by the University of Bari. The garden was established in 1955 and contains a greenhouse and a herbarium with about 40,000 specimens. Here you can enjoy amazing collections of flowers and plants like orchidaceous, aizoaceae and Italian flora like grindelia robusta.

AddressVia Orabona, 4, Bari
Phone+39 055 2757379


This is a fun waterpark for the whole family with great and welcoming staff. There are three pools; one for younger children, one with a wave generator and one larger pool with different types of pool slides. Around the pools there are relaxing areas with chairs where you can stay in the shadow if it gets too warm. With all the swimming activities you might feel hungry or thirst soon, but do not worry there is a restaurant and café onsite.

AddressProlung, Via Caldarola, Bari
Phone+39 080 546 1291

Velo Service

With Velo Service you can get to know the city by bike. This is a fun way to discover the town with an expert guide who takes you to the most typical and charming places, or why no choose the best bike and plan your own tour to explore the city?

There is a third alternative, you can visit the heart of Bari in a comfortable and modern Rickshaw. The guide will take you to the most important places, telling you stories and anecdotes about the town and its people.

AddressVia Vallisa 81, Bari
Phone+39 080 23 74 039


Only a short train ride away lies the lovely picturesque fishing port called Trani. On this great excursion trip you can enjoy the beautiful harbour, take a walk along the beach or visit the stunning cathedral. There are plenty of restaurants and cafés to choose from that serve lovely food. This charming town is well worth the visit.


The Waterfront

It is highly recommended to take a walk along the beautiful waterfront for a nice overview of the city. While you are walking take a minute and admire the city´s skyline with the bell tower of the Cathedral and the shape of the Basilica of San Nicola. If you like to exercise, this is an ideal place to go running.

AddressLungomare Nazario Sauro, Bari

National Archaeological Museum of Altamura

National Archaeological Museum of Altamura is situated near the Old Town centre, in an area called "La Croce". At this museum you can see findings which date from the early Bronze Age to the late Hellenistic age. On display are objects like vases, personal possessions, weapons and home tools of various kinds.

AddressVia Santeramo, 88, Bari
Phone+39 080 3146 409

Adrenalin Zone

For pure adrenaline, you can head the Adrenalin Zone adventure park, an urban acrobatic park where you can easily spend some hours. The park is full of fun and challenging activities for adults, teens and children. With nearly 100 different steps and pathways, 1 metre, 6 meters and 13 meters high up, your balance and determination will definitely be tested. But do not worry; instructors are ready to provide all necessary help.

AddressVia Francesco De Blasio, 1, Bari
Phone+39 0331 600 7192

Altamura Cathedral

Altamura Cathedral was founded by Emperor Frederick II of Swabia in 1232. This is an important symbol of the town history and one of the four Palatine cathedrals of Puglia (the others are San Nicola in Bari, Barletta Cathedral, and Acquaviva Cathedral). The Cathedral has gone through major changes and is today an interesting tourist attraction.

AddressPiazza Duomo, Bari

Teatro Petruzzelli

At the Teatro Petruzzelli you can see operas and ballets. This is a good place to go if you enjoy classics such as Mozart, Verdi and Bellini. See the website for upcoming shows.

AddressVia Salvatore Cognetti, 8, Bari
Phone+39 080 975 2840

Scavi di Egnazia Museum

If you want to visit a museum that is typically Italian you can visit the Scavi di Egnazia Museum. These ruins are divided in three parts, necropolis, city and acropolis.

AddressStrada Provinciale Savelletri Capitolo, Bari