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Rich, decadent and delicious, Toulouse is definitely not the place to head for if you’re intending to shed a few pounds. And who would want to when you can enjoy meaty cassoulets, luxurious foie gras, duck, and the famous Toulouse sausage.

One of the best places to enjoy a delicious yet cheap lunch is the covered market at Place Victor Hugo, where you have got at least five or six restaurants above the marketplace, serving up delicious meals made from the freshest local produce, straight off the stalls below.

Bistrot Le van Gogh

At Bistrot Le van Gogh you can try some of the traditional fare such as meat and bean cassoulet. This is a great place to enjoy an informal dinner or lunch.

Address21 Place St Georges, Toulouse
Phone+33 5 6121 0315

Jardin de l’Opera

This is one of the restaurants in the upper-end of the dining market and found in the city’s “Le Grand Hotel”. The much celebrated and aptly named Dominique Toulousy has created a menu bursting with gourmet delights.

Address1 Place Capitole, Toulouse
Phone+33 5 61 23 07 76
Public TransportCapitole


A hotspot on the Place St Georges, Emile is a perfect place to sample excellent regional specialities in a picturesque setting. You can opt from dishes such as foie gras, roast lamb, fresh fish, rich cassoulets or filets of duck, as well as fresh vegetables from the region.

Address13 Place St Georges, Toulouse
Phone+33 5 61 21 0556


Capoul is a restaurant offering high quality traditional fare. Regional delicacies on offer include potted rabbit with mustard sauce or creamed peas with poached eggs.

Address13, Place Wilson, Toulouse
Phone+33 5 6110 7070

Le Bruit qui Court

This is an inexpensive option for an evening meal on a budget getaway. Choose from platters of snails, scallops and carpaccio at this cosy restaurant, located right in the historical heart of Toulouse.

Address11 rue Jean Suau, Toulouse
Phone+33 5 61 23 68 38

Cave au Cassoulet

This is a little spot specialising in regional cuisine, offering well priced delicious meals in a cosy setting near the church and cloisters of the Jacobins. It is often very busy so it is recommended to make a reservation.

Address54, rue Peyrolières, Toulouse
Phone+33 5 61 13 60 30

Restaurant Michel Sarran

The main attraction of this eatery is the fantastic southern cuisine created by the hands of Michel Sarran one of the top chefs from Michelin’s culinary schools. The elegant setting and gourmet food are made for giving the guests a special night.

Address21 Boulevard Armand Duportal, Toulouse
Phone+33 5 6112 3232

Brasserie Flo les Beaux Arts

Brasserie Flo les Beaux Arts is recommended for all lovers of fresh fish and seafood as well as incredible desserts. It is situated in the heart of the city in the Hotel des Beaux-Arts.

Address1 Quai de la Daurade, Toulouse
Phone+33 5 6121 1212


This is a fabulous spot for meat lovers where you can really get your teeth into succulent and fresh local meat. To prove the high quality of the meat, the names of all the producers are scribbled up on the blackboard.

Address16 Place Victor Hugo, Toulouse
Phone+33 5 61 23 0203

7 Place St Sernin

Here you can taste more modern and creative twists on French cuisine while enjoying the beautiful views of the Basilique St- Sernin. During summer months, the outdoor seating right on the pavement, is busy and this is a popular place for people-watching.

Address7 St Sernin, Toulouse
Phone+33 5 62 30 05 30