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Old Town & Old Harbour

In the Old Harbour and through the Old City’s arcade streets you can enjoy nice walking tours on foot or by horse-drawn cart. You will see medieval houses, fine Renaissance homes and 18th-century residences, as well as sober and noble town mansions from ship-owners.
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Hotel de Ville

Hotel de Ville (Town Hall) is a Renaissance building protected by a huge Gothic wall. This is one of the symbols of La Rochelle’s history and the architecture is stunning. Inside you can find numerous souvenirs of the town's history.
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The Three Towers of La Rochelle

The Three Towers are medieval remains and architectural symbols of La Rochelle as a strong opponent of state power in the past. You can visit the towers for great panoramic views and some sightseeing!
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New World Museum

New World Museum houses nice collections of art and history in La Rochelle. At this unique museum you can see many different objects such as paintings, ancient maps, art object and sculptures.
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The Maritime Museum

At the Maritime Museum is located in the heart of La Rochelle. Here you will find everything for the ship and fish industry enthusiasts! At the museum you can go on guided tours and talk to former sailors.
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The Ocean

From La Rochelle you can go on a boat that takes you to beautiful Ré, Aix and Oléron islands, viewing famous Fort Boyard on the way. Several agencies and the tourist office offer tours. A wide range of nautical activities such as sailing schools or personalized cruises are also available.
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Ré Island

If you don’t feel comfortable on a boat, you may rent a bike and go to the Ré Island on an excursion. Enjoy the empty beaches, sensational Atlantic sunsets and delicious seafood at this beautiful island!
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La Rochelle Aquarium

This is one of the vastest European aquariums featuring some 10,000 creatures from the Atlantic, the Mediterranean and the Tropics! La Rochelle Aquarium is also a centre for protecting and studying different marine species.
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