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Grenoble is the gateway to the Alps and a geographic crossing where the rivers Isère and Drac meet. With Switzerland to the north, Italy to the east and Provence to the south, the city is surrounded by three mountain chains. It is a cosmopolitan city with cafés, museums and restaurants. Best of all, you can see the Alps from almost every street corner.


Population Approximately 160,000
Currency Euro (EUR) €1 = 100 cents
Opening hours Shops and department stores are generally open from 9/10am-7pm. Bakeries close at 1pm. Shops are open on Sundays at their own discretion.
Newspapers Le Dauphiné Libéré
Les Affiches
Le Petit Bulletin
Emergency numbers Police: 17
Ambulance: 15/112
Fire Brigade: 18
Tourist information Grenoble Tourism and Convention
14, Rue de la Rèpublique, Grenoble
Open daily Mon-Sat 9am-6.30pm. Opening hours on Sundays vary depending on the season
+33 4 76424141